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Our approach to CDAP:

1. Uncover your goals

We start by discovering what makes you unique and learning about the nuts and bolts of your company. Through easy-to-use templates and handy guides, you'll provide info on everything from your operational health and cybersecurity practices to your marketing strategy!

2. Assess the current state

We look through each area of your business to understand the challenges you want to ease and the bright spots you want to leverage.
Our assessment identifies gaps and the underlying challenges, whether that is process, training, or technology (because we know that tech isn't a magic bullet).

3. Review recommendations

We walk through the options that bridge the gap between your business today and the future you've designed with us, including process, training, and technology.
We provide a shortlist of technology options that includes pros, cons, and careful consideration so you can make informed decisions for your business.

4. Chart a course forward

Once we’ve agreed on the future state, we provide a detailed plan on how to make it happen.
This roadmap will include considerations like scheduling, budget, major activities, and potential risks so that you get the most out of your investment.

5. Submit your report to CDAP

Once the report is complete, you'll submit your report and Meira invoices through the CDAP portal. You can then apply to BDC unlock an interest-free loan of up to $100k to support the implementation of the plan.

6. See your roadmap come to life

The technology roadmap will guide you through every single step needed to bring the future state of your business to life.
Need a helping hand? We’re here to support you…. Check out how!

Timeline: 6-8 weeks
Investment: $16,600 (tax inclusive), up to $15,000 may be covered by CDAP

The process [with MEIRA] from start to finish was fantastic. The whole team was very responsive and helped me to gain a better understanding of our business and the ways in which technology could improve our efficiency and excel our business growth. Meira’s knowledge, communication, and timelines consistently exceeded our expectations.

Nicolette Gowan | President, Gowan Consulting

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