Update Business Process for an ERP


Our current ERP is no longer supported and was built with many customizations and work-arounds. How do we fix our business processes so they will work in an out-of-the-box ERP we’ve already selected?


  • Document current processes; gather examples of all templates, forms, and documents used in each process as data references. Create process maps detailing the sequence of activities, who does them, which system each activity is done in, and when data is captured and where it is stored. Call out activities that are frustrating, duplicated, or have quality issues.
  • Design the future state; document what needs to be done, recorded, and communicated throughout the business process. Compare the drafted future state to the current state issues to ensure they’re fixed and not just moved.
  • Share the draft future state process with the ERP vendor; walk through the draft business processes, request standard out-of-the-box process flows for the modules you’re interested in or have purchased, compare the out-of-the-box flows to the draft future state to see if there are major gaps or changes that would need to be made, and request demonstrations of how the system would handle unique business processes. If the system can’t handle the business process out-of-the-box, consider whether the business process can change and request a quote on the cost of modifying the system.


Business processes that are consistent and align with the ERP.