Corporate Strategy Workshop and Execution Plan


Phase 1: Strategic Planning Workshop & Roadmap

We start by capturing your strategic objectives and challenges. Your vision and current understanding is the launch point for the strategy planning workshops that will take place on-site (your place or ours!) and facilitate discussion in a 1-2 day intensive workshop. At the end of this phase, your organization will come away aligned on your strategic goals and have a clearly defined 5-Year Strategic Plan Roadmap for your business.


Phase 2: Strategic Execution Plan

We focus on the Year 1 projects prioritized in your Roadmap and break it down quarter-by-quarter to ensure your business is on track to complete them. Through this stage, we'll ensure that your task owners, budgets, and timelines are all defined and aligned so that your strategic objectives go from dream to reality.


Phase 3: Execution Oversight

We monitor your project progress throughout year one and keep your team on track through ongoing support and recurring check-ins. To keep your organization moving forward, we also help you develop an IT Strategy Roadmap – a technology strategy that outlines your business’s existing and potential tech solutions with a schedule and budget to get to Go-Live.