Simple Strategy: A Playbook For Choosing Your New ERP

Meira’s article “SIMPLE STRATEGY: A PLAYBOOK FOR CHOOSING YOUR NEW ERP” is featured in Industrial Supply Magazine.

This article walks through an ERP implementation, highlighting how to make it successful.

An ERP can:

  • Reduce costs 
  • Make it easier to capture revenue opportunities 
  • And mitigate risks

But it can only accomplish that if you select the best tool for your business and ensure it’s set up to align your people and processes.

So before selecting the tool: 

  • Document your critical business processes and highlight what is and isn’t working for your business 
  • Consider the other technologies you need to work with your ERP, such as eCommerce, Warehouse Management Software (WMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), etc. 

System and Vendor Selection

  • Research ERP systems that specifically meet your critical, unique to your business requirements 
  • Have vendors demo your scenarios, not the generic sales pitch 
  • Consider how you will evaluate the ERP systems and implementation partners against one another. It’s not just about price.

If you have questions about any of these points, connect with us! Meira is a solution agnostic ERP consultant. Meaning we don’t sell specific ERPs. We help you pick the right ERP for your business and ensure it gets implemented well.

Read the full article for more in-depth insights on page 18! – Link to Article