Restructure a Department


A department is being reorganized and we need to ensure that we have the right roles and skills moving forward. How do we restructure?


  • Define the intent of the department; detail what the department is accountable for and how it is meant to impact the organization’s vision and strategy.
  • Define what needs to be done; list all of the activities the department must do operationally and strategically, estimate the effort per activity and the skill level required.
  • Define what roles are required; establish how many seats are needed for each role based on the amount of activity required to be done by that skill level, define which individuals within each role are accountable, responsible, consulted, or informed for each activity.
  • Design the organization chart; define which roles report to which, revisit roles for those in management positions to ensure activities such as mentorship, coaching, and management are included for those roles.
  • Define the roles; draft initial job descriptions for each role detailing what they are meant to be accountable or responsible for and consulted or informed on. Keep in mind job descriptions should evolve with the role and can be a useful part of reviews.


A redesigned department that achieves its operational and strategic goals with clarity.