Get Savvy with Tech.


Build Project Management Skills

We don’t have project management skills in house. How do we get this project done now while learning how to do future projects ourselves?

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Update Business Process for an ERP

How do we fix our business processes so they will work in an out-of-the-box ERP we’ve already selected?

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Choose a new ERP

Business Vision is being reduced to a static data table January 1 2021. So how do you choose an alternative ERP?

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Data Migration

We rely, in part on data to manage our businesses. So, when moving to a new system, particularly an ERP system, one of the most daunting and important tasks is migrating all that important data from the old system to the new.

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How to Train on Tech

Switching to a new technology represents a change in your company’s status quo. And even though the change may be technical, ultimately managing the transition of your human resources is the determining factor in successful technology adoption.

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Introducing eCommerce

An eCommerce platform, unlike in-person shopping, is immediate and convenient, drawing in additional shoppers from a larger pool. It also puts information in the hands of consumers, and, depending on how it’s structured, in the hands of competitors.

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