Get Savvy with Tech.


Who’s Involved in an ERP Implementation? 

Congratulations – your business has decided to implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution! As one of the biggest tech purchases your company can make, it’s important to know the key players that are involved:   Understanding the roles and requirements of each of these stakeholders before you begin your ERP implementation is crucial for […]

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Simple Strategy: A Playbook For Choosing Your New ERP

Meira’s article “SIMPLE STRATEGY: A PLAYBOOK FOR CHOOSING YOUR NEW ERP” is featured in Industrial Supply Magazine. This article walks through an ERP implementation, highlighting how to make it successful. An ERP can: But it can only accomplish that if you select the best tool for your business and ensure it’s set up to align […]

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Build Project Management Skills

We don’t have project management skills in house. How do we get this project done now while learning how to do future projects ourselves?

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Choose a new ERP

Business Vision is being reduced to a static data table January 1 2021. So how do you choose an alternative ERP?

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Data Migration

We rely, in part on data to manage our businesses. So, when moving to a new system, particularly an ERP system, one of the most daunting and important tasks is migrating all that important data from the old system to the new.

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How to Train on Tech

Switching to a new technology represents a change in your company’s status quo. And even though the change may be technical, ultimately managing the transition of your human resources is the determining factor in successful technology adoption.

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