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Restructure a Department

When reorganizing a department, we need to ensure that we have the right roles and skills moving forward. Here’s how.

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Working Remotely

With quarantines, social distancing, and the closure of many public spaces, we need to prepare our companies and staff to work remotely if needed. Here’s how.

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Strategy Design

Strategy allows a company to set the target and have everyone on the team pull in that direction. It acts as a decision-making guide across departments and roles. It calls out shiny objects vs. Opportunities. It sets the expectation across the company.

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Make the Most of a Crisis

During a crisis, ‘normal’ activities are interrupted and processes are adjusted to keep operations moving. But can we do to make the most of a crisis, beyond just reacting to it.

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Developing an IT Strategy

An IT Strategy helps a company align technology, process and strategy. This ensures technology and technology-related decisions support long-term company goals.

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Resource: Strategy Design Tool

Download our Strategy Design Tool directly here

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